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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Missionary Thanksgiving in the MTC

I had a pretty good Thanksgiving! I had started my day by singing in the choir for our Thanksgiving devotional. I'm not sure if I told ya'll that yet, but I LOVE the MTC choir director. He's amazing and always finds a way to make the songs we sing so meaningful and powerful! I love it! Anyway, unfortunately Elder Holland didn't come BUT Elder Nelson did!! He gave us some pretty specific instruction about things to do while in the field, which was interesting because they never give us specific instructions on how to do stuff. He talked a lot about members working with the missionaries. Ideally, it would be best if the members did all the finding and the missionaries did all the teaching. So get to work. I know its hard to trust the missionaries with our friends sometimes, but if you can tell that the missionaries are working hard and are as obedient as they can be, then trust them. The Lord will work through them to teach. It's so important!! I'm getting to work out here, ya'll need to get work back home too. Like ma, have you ever talked to Joan about the Church? I think she might be interested and certainly not offended by you sharing what makes you so happy. It'll be the greatest thing you could do for you. Anyway, sorry for preaching, but it's kinda my job now....

After Elder Nelson's devotional we bummed out in our class with our district. I love my district! I'm going to be so sad to leave them in a week! After bumming around, we went to like a Thanksgiving Assembly with musical numbers and skits and videos and stuff. I was surprised how much they let us goof off and be silly. it was supper fun! And then had our big Turkey Day lunch, Sis A and I sat with the younger district and made some friends with them. They're such sweethearts! And I ate sooo much! Like I ate 2 full plates and some apple pie! MMMMM! Then, we did a service project where we assembled food kits for starving children. Then we ate our sac dinners we made. That was also super fun. Our district's table kept finding new and creative ways to be more efficient and we basically became a machine and exceeded our goal. What what?? Like a boss! Anyway, after that we got to watch a MOVIE! Yup, a full length feature film called "Ephraim's Rescue". It made me very grateful that I am NOT a pioneer. We are so blessed to live in the 21st century!

Some other things that happened this week. I learned how to run during gym. Apparently I've been running incorrectly my whole life. One of the Elders told me I was running wrong and taught me how I'm supposed to run.  It took awhile to get used to but it works so much better!! 

Also, ya'll don't know this but you already got me my Christmas present! Surprise! I bought new scriptures! Mine were just too old and worn out and stained and I don't want people to see my scriptures and think, wow, that's how much you care about them huh? I got a really good deal though, don't worry Ma. Everything in the bookstore here is 40% off and I've been saving my $ from every week, so I ended up getting genuine leather scriptures and a case for only $50. And hopefully they last me for the next 10 years. So, I'm thinking that should be my Christmas present this year ;)

This morning its started snowing...and it hasn't stopped yet! There is so much snow!!! And it's very cold, but it's also extremely gorgeous!! Everything is white and it feels like Christmas :) We got to walk in it this morning on the way to the temple. Our district was assigned to clean the temple this morning. It was such a neat experience. They gave us white scrubs to work in and we spent 3 hours cleaning out lockers. You would not believe how thoroughly they clean EVERYthing! I have so much more respect for the cleanliness of the temple now. It was fun, we all sang Christmas carols while we worked and the hours passed quickly. also, we got to go on an adventure and see the Bride's room! It was so gorgeous!! They really shouldn't take sisters in there because then we start thinking about weddings and that kind of stuff. But I stood where all the mirrors to make sure your dress is perfect were and it was way awesome. Someday I'll get to go there for real and be sealed to the man of my dreams! And it'll be so great. BUT that's not going to happen for awhile...I've got too much else to do for the next 17 months.

I cannot believe it's already been 5 weeks. Anyway, no news of my visa yet, so we get re-assignments on Thursday. Mine might still come between now and then, I had a dream the other night that me and Elder Harolds (also from Texas) got our visas. I'm really hoping that it was actually vision.... They go through the same process as they did when I got my first call. So it's pretty exciting that I get to have 2 mission calls. I get to e-mail ya'll again Thursday to tell you my travel plans and stuff. So be aware. Also, I get to call ya'll from the airport. So don't be busy next week. I'm not sure if we can 3 way with the baby bear or not. But I'll be able to give you more details on Thursday. I cannot wait!! :) 

Also, Didi, can you send me a copy of my patriarchal blessing? The only copy I have is glued into my old scriptures and I plan on sending those back home...

Also, Ma, a miracle happened this week. Remember how last week I had that terrible cold sore? And remember how long it takes for mine to go away and how terrible they are? Well that night I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help it heal quickly...AND it did! All I used was that lysine + chapstick stuff and it was literally gone in 2 days. Like completely. That NEVER happens!! It was definitely an answer to my prayer. Prayers work! What a blessing!

Also, Ma, you should go to the youth.lds.org website and check out the free music they have to download, I feel like you could use a lot for massage. It's worth looking at. 

Well, I gotta run. Amo voces! I'm going to try to send some pictures, in another e-mail. Have a GREAT week! I'll e-mail you Thursday and talk to you next week!! :) Love you!

<3 Sister Byrne

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