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Friday, December 6, 2013

Temporary Destination Confirmed - Roseville, CA

Tudo bem? Eu recebo minha re-assignment!! :) Entao

Once upon a time there was a sister missionary who was waiting for her visa to go to Brazil. Her family was praying and fasting for her to get her visa (and she was too), but the Lord had something else in store for this missionary. The Sister was very nervous when the day finally came for her to receive her temporary assignment while she continued to wait for her visa. She was sad she wasn't going straight to Brazil, but her biggest concern was that she would be sent somewhere cold, and this particular Sister did not handle cold weather very well. The days prior to receiving her temporary assignment, she prayed fervently telling the Lord that she knew He was in control and knew best, and told Him that she knew He knew where the people she needed to teach were, and that she would rather be sent somewhere according to the people He wanted her to find, BUT she also reminded Him that she would probably be a more effective missionary if she didn't have to overcome the trial of enduring the cold in clothes that were meant for Brazil...

Well the day finally came and her teacher handed her the re-assignment, with great anticipation, she opened the letter and found out that she would be serving in the ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA mission until her visa arrived!!! :) 

This story is a testimony that God definitely knows and very much loves His children, especially that little sister missionary. 

So no worries. I'm going to be in a semi warm place. I think Roseville is in northern California so it won't be perfect weather, BUT definitely better than it has been here in Utah. 

I leave December 10th at 8:39am. I have to report to the travel office at 4:30am. Yahoo!!  One other sister in my district got called to the same mission, so we'll be traveling together and I'm super psyched about giving a Book of Mormon to whoever I sit next to on the plane. Yeah for REAL missionary work!!! :) 

Amo voces muito! I love you very much!! 
<3 Sister Byrne

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