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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still rockin' Loomis

Does this mean Sisters Byrne and Allen are the whole mission?
So this week was fun. We tracted into a Jehovah's Witness. That was fun. She came to greet us with 4 versions on the Bible and lectured us about how wrong and pathetic we were. I'd never talked to a JW before so it was interesting to learn what they believe. I asked lots of questions and I found what they believed to be very hopeless...but it was interesting to meet with her. She told us we would be destroyed because we celebrated Christmas and Birthdays...so that's good.
Another adventure was Sunday, in between meetings at Church we went to "downtown" Loomis. If you can even call it that. And talked to the homeless men of Loomis. Terry, Steve, and Jerry. They were cool, except Jerry. He couldn't stand us so he went and sat on a different bench till we were gone. We invited them to Church and gave them Books of Mormon. They were probably too drunk off the vodka they were drinking to understand us though.
In other news, we had a meeting with President Weston this week. Have I mentioned how much I love him? Anyway, Sister Arthur, from my district at the MTC, was there and she got her visa!!! She's going to
my same mission. I'm so excited for her!! She is going to meet President Cabral in 7 days!!, crazy! It was fun to be able to speak Portuguese with her.
We challenged our investigator to baptism this week. He said he would pray about it, but that he believes everything we've taught him is true. I'm confident he'll get his answer and hopefully be baptized on Feb 1!
He's so wonderful and has such a great heart. Heavenly Father is going to help him become even more amazing and he's going to do great things to build up His kingdom.
We also contacted a referral named Sarah and she said we could come back!! Which Never happens. No one ever says yes, and she did!! Can't wait to meet with her this week! Agh! I love it. The Lord is definitely aware of the people out here in Loomis.
I hope they call me on a mission...

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