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Monday, January 20, 2014

Eye Trouble And New People to Teach

This week was fantastic! First off I would like to mention that yesterday was transfers...luckily no call for us, so Sister Allen and I are staying here in Loomis!

So this week was interesting, we spent a lot of time at doctors offices because Sister Allen has been having issues. Also, Thursday we were confined to our room because she had conjunctivitis, which is apparently highly contagious. And we didn't want to spread to everyone else...I either have an immune system made of steel or am very blessed to not catch whatever diseases she has. But I cannot tell you how often I wash my hands...and sanitize the phone...

Oh! We had to go to the eye doctor for her conjunctivitis and they had this big cup full of free pens. Well, as missionaries we use lots of pens...and those pens were free...so I pulled a mommy and took like 5 and a couple more on the way out. Also we have to go back for a return appointment and I already have a plan to get some more. They're really good pens!

Anyway, so many great things happened this week! We taught our investigator. He's been having a rough time and has been reading the Book of Mormon, but not really focusing or getting anything out of it, but in our last
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meeting we were talking about it and he looked down at the Book of Mormon in his hand and very solemnly said "I think I need to start reading this more." It finally sank in! And I'm so excited for him!

He's such a great guy! but Sister Allen and I decided that we're going to hand him over to the YSA Elders because although we love him, we think that it'll be better for him to go to a ward with people his age
and get the support from them and the elders that we just can't give cuz we're sisters. But we'll def totes go to his baptism still!

Thursday we decided to do a car fast...so we took bikes...he roads don't like that hilly when we are in a car, but oh boy, are they hilly! It was good though, we need the exercise. I tell you what though...skirts+bikes+16 miles= Exhausted sister missionary!

Anyway, some great miracles happened this week! this former investigator, T, randomly contacted us on FB. We haven't talked to him in months and he asked us to call him. He's having a really hard time and a lot of bad things have happened to this poor 20 year old kid. He didn't know what to do, so he called us, the sister
missionaries. We tried to help him out, but didn't really know what to say. Then we invited him to this open house and the Spirit was definitely there! he wanted to talk to bishop. So they had an interview and he came out with a Book of Mormon, and left right away saying "I want to go home and read this." What?! Can't wait to talk to him again and see what he thinks.

So since we spent all day inside one day, we spent 8 hours updating our paper area books to our iPads. I found this one former named D, and for some reason felt like we should call him and invite him to the open house. He said he couldn't come, but we got to talking and he says he wants to meet with us!! What?! So super pumped to meet him too! We have literally had 1 new investigator in the last 6 weeks and now they are starting to come rapid fire! Miracles happen when you do your best!

Also! We got a referral from a family for this guy in Brazil named Berto. He lives in Rio. Maybe I'll send James to find him. Anyway, found him on FB and started chatting and now we have a scheduled Skype lesson with him this week!! And I get to speak português with him! I seriously love him. He's going to make a great member!
Other things happened too, like K! Ugh, love her! but I ain't got time. Just know that last 6 weeks me and sister Allen worked real hard to get some embers going, and now Loomis is going to be on fire! It's exciting.
Scripture of the week: D&C 84:85
Neither take ye thought beforehand awhat ye shall say; butbtreasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be cgiven you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.
I've been doing better this week about trying to follow promptings of the Spirit instead of relying on myself. One way has been that I've been praying in my heart for my companion and investigator during lessons. And it's definitely helped me feel the spirit more. I'm trying to do my best at keeping The Lord involved in His work. Cuz I do not have what it takes to be a missionary [without His help].

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