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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

High expectations, baptismal joy, a trailer park and a very tiny frog

So this week was beyond remarkable! I wish I could tell you everything, but an hour is just not enough time! So for starters, we had zone conference on Wednesday. Any time I get to spend with President Weston is "always a good time" but probably not the same good time Hot Chelle Rae sings about. He gave us some great counsel and I received a lot of revelation of what I need to do to become a better missionary. Something he talked about a lot was high expectations. He said "Lock into your hearts the principle of high expectations". You're never going to achieve something you don't strive for. If you don't expect something good to happen, then it's probably not going to. This principle became more real to me later in the week.

Saturday was G's baptism!!! :D It was so awesome to see him in his white jumpsuit! And with such a big smile on his face! I have never seen him so happy and smiley as he has been the last two days. It's amazing to watch the gospel transform his life.

Now his baptism was a very unique baptism that I will never forget. I'll tell you all the details in 14 months, but I guess it had been a while since Brother S baptized anyone and he didn't remember how to have Gerald put his hands to make it a smooth process. So he basically ended up tackling him into the water....now mind you, these are both 60 year old men....and Brother S almost didn't get him back up.

I was sitting there thinking, oh no....this is it. G's gonna drown. Does he have to come back up for the baptism to be valid?? But he got him up. Well, I guess G's hand came up, so they had to do it again, and so he got tackled again. But he got under so it was okay.

It was probably the funniest looking baptism I'll ever see, because now I will make sure to practice with everyone before the big day. BUT despite the awkwardness of it, it did not matter because Brother S may not have remembered how to get G under gracefully, but he had the authority from God to perform that ordinance. That's what matters. The priesthood. It was valid in the sight of God because it was done with the proper authority.

I love baptisms. There is such a sweet Spirit present when someone decides to commit to following in the Saviors footsteps in His Church.

The same day as the baptism we went tracting at the trailer park. As we were walking I pondered President Weston's advice about my expectations and I thought to myself. We're going to find someone new to teach. There is someone here who is going to listen to us.

Knock on the first door. It's a young family. We talk to the dad and a little girl comes out too. We talk to him for like 15 minutes about how the gospel blesses families and learned more about his family. Then made a return appointment.

As we walked away I looked at Sister Allen and mouthed " what just happened". I guess you can't tell that not many people invite us back. Next door a man answers, says with a smile. Wow, anytime would be a great time, but we're in the middle of something right now. But my wife and I really want to start going back to a Church. We need it. Made a return appointment. Walked away thinking, okay, I could get used to this!

The rest of the park wasn't as eager as the first two doors, but wow what a miracle!! Having high expectations in righteous desires, it's real!

Well, I love ya'll! Try not to get into too much trouble this week! Thanks for the package ma! I wore the pink skirt to the baptism :) I miss you.

Oh also, if my visa does not come in the next 6 days, I'll be staying here in Cali for 6 more weeks.

<3 Sister Byrne

Sou dicípulo de Jesus Cristo

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