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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rain, a pet frog, and eggs straight from the chicken!

Okay, so this week has been amazing! Last Sunday was stake conference and the First Presidency asked the entire state of California to fast for rain because apparently we're in one of the biggest draughts of the history of Northern California. Not gonna lie, I expected some amazing miraculous rain fall right after Church or something, but it just got cloudy and pretty cold. Then, it kinda sprinkled but barely. As the days passed it got more and more cloudy, then on Wednesday it started raining, like straight up pouring and had not stopped until this morning. It was absolutely a miracle and an answer to prayer, but I think a lot of people overlooked it because it happened so naturally, but I think that's how Heavenly Father works, is simply and naturally. Then I reflected on my life and wondered how many miracles I have probably overlooked because it came so simply and naturally. Keep your eyes open! Miracles happen every single day if we'll just open our eyes and pay attention!

G is still on date for Feb 22! I seriously love him so much! He has taught me how to pray. I thought I knew how before, but his prayers are so heartfelt and real and I am so grateful for his example. When he prays it sounds like he's talking to an old friend. It's amazing. Anyway, his whole demeanor has changed ever since we set a baptismal date. No joke. He is always smiley and more positive. We taught him about tithing a couple months ago and he really struggled win the idea of it. He was convinced that he just didn't make enough to pay it. There was no way he could do it. Then on Friday we retaught him, and he had no problem. He understood it even deeper than we explained it. He was like yeah, tithing makes sense, it's proving our faith. Do we really love The Lord and have enough faith in him to give him what we hold onto so dearly. I was blown away. He gave the closing prayer Friday and he always prays to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith was a true prophet, this time, for the first time ever he said in his prayer "I do believe it". I had the most ginormous smile on my face throughout the whole prayer. The gospel is true and it changes peoples lives.

It took G 2 years, but he finally gets it, and I am more than excited for his baptism! I'm really starting to love Loomis. It's a rough place to be in terms of missionary work, but this Sunday as I was looking around during sacrament meeting I had this overwhelming feeling of love. I looked around and all I could think was I really love these people. Every single one of them. They all have a story and they're all very different, but I LOVE them.

Anyway, other exciting things that happened this week. I went on exchanges with Sister Nitta again, but I got to go up to Auburn this time. We went and visited a lady in a nursing home....it made a million nursing school memories rush back into my brain. Oh my goodness! I could not breathe in there! Ma, pop, I will NEVER make you live in one of those places... But I do love talking to all the crazy old people :)

Also, because of exchanges sister Allen and I forgot to check the mail, so late Saturday night we decide we're going to run in the rain down the street to go check the mail. We're such dorks, but it was super fun! Also, I caught a frog. I wanted to keep him. He was so small and so cute! But we're not allowed...

Also we went to the G****y's house and they gave us more than a dozen fresh eggs from their chickens. I am so excited to eat them! Also we got to spend Glen S's birthday with him and his fam. He like specifically asked to have us over for dinner for his birthday. They're def totes on of my fav families in the ward!

Well, that's all I got this week. I love this work. I love being a missionary. There is NO greater calling. Bummer my visa is still taking forever, but if I have to spend another 6 weeks here it's okay. Happy Valentines Day to y'all. :) I love you!! I miss you. Talk to ya next week!

<3 Sister Byrne

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