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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Goodbye Sister Allen, hello dog bite

This week was nuts! On Monday we had to get everything packed up for Sis Allen and go say goodbye to everyone. She has soo much stuff! It was crazy, so we had to go buy her a duffle bag at the store.

Anyway, the next day I drove up with her and Sis Larsen all the way to Chico, her new area, and all the way down to Antelope to pick up my temporary companion for the night. ROADTRIP! It was fun to see all the beautiful countryside of Cali. So many orchards and hills. It was hard to say bye to Sister Allen, but she'll do great things up there.

So then that night we helped the YW with a mock MTC activity which was super fun! We always get called to do activities cuz we're the only sisters around here. It was so fun!

The next day I picked up my new companion, Sis Soliai! And guess what?! She's Polynesian!! She's from Utah, but her family is from Samoa. Being with her is like being back at BYUH! She is amazing, so humble and loyal to the gospel. I'm so blessed to get to serve and learn from her. She's got that "greenie fire" which is so motivating and has helped me rekindle that fire and we've been working super hard this week!

Right after we got home I took her out tracting and we found two potentials in the one street we tracted before dinner. It was a miracle! I loved Sis Allen, but we often wasted time just sitting in the car if we had an awkward amount of time, and it bugged me, so, now if we ever have even just 5 minutes we go hit a couple houses or walk around and find people to talk to.

The next day we went to T and D's trailer. I LOVE them. They have some major problems and yell at each other and call each other the spawn of Satan and whatever, but they are such great people! And the gospel is going to bless their lives so much. Not gonna lie, in the moment, when D pulled us aside and started crying to us about how sad she is to see her life at the point it is now and how heart broken she is that everything has fallen apart, I had no idea what to say or do. There were no words to say to heal her broken heart, but we just testified of her Heavenly Father and His love for her. It was a humbling experience.

And T ended up coming to Church on Sunday!!! He brought his Bible, got dressed up best he could, and even brought money to pay tithing. It was so awesome to sit by him and watch him as he felt the Spirit for the first time. He has a lot of things to work out in his life, but I honestly believe that as we keep meeting with him and he keeps making steps to come unto Christ his life is going to change. It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it.

Thursday we taught T2 again. It's been three weeks since we last taught him the first lesson, but we finally found a time to meet with him again and it went super well! And hopefully we can teach him again next week.

MIRACLE: so we've bent trying to get a hold of D for over a month and he has not called or texted us back even though we tried to contact him everyday. We we're driving home the other day and decided to call him...and HE ANSWERED! Literally a miracle. We set up an appointment for this week. Super excited!

We also found a new person to teach. Well, the bishop did. It's one of his friends, but she has no religious background at all. She knows nothing about God or prayer or Christ or anything. So we got to teach her and it was super awesome to teach just basic truths. She has so many great questions, like why are there so many churches? What happens when we die? Why do good things happen to bad people? Etc. she has a super sincere heart and is so ready to hear the good news of the gospel! She even came to Church with them last week which is what started all this. I love her already! She's awesome!

So as you can tell, the work is starting to pick up here in Loomis. It's so sad, the sisters have been teaching the same people for like the past year and we are finally starting to get some new people in the books! I'm super pumped to be more busy and actually have people to teach!

G is doing great btw! He got the priesthood on Sunday and is going to the temple for baptisms this week! :) I love him!

Funny story of the week Sister Soliai got bit by a dog yesterday. Yup. That actually happens, I guess. I could not believe it. And she was all calm and didn't even tell me until we got into the car. So we went to the church and I got to clean it out and all that fun stuff. - I miss being a nurse- but yeah, she didnt even make it a week out in the field and she got bit!!! Poor girl.

Also, I got to play with a lamb this week :) Remember when I wanted one so bad? I'm so glad we didn't actually get one....they're not as glamorous as they seem...

Anyway, I love y'all! Thanks for all the emails and support. Ill talk to you next week.

Scripture of the week Mormon 9:19 Heavenly Father is definitely a God of miracles! I see them every day!

Love you long time,

Sister Byrne

Sou dicípulo de Jesus Cristo

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