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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fried Chicken insert

My ward mission leader told us this story. And I LOVE it. I hate it when people make excuses for why they don't keep their commitments. Just be real with us. You didn't really want to do it. So you didn't.

Once upon a time there were two neighbors, Rick and Barton. Barton looked out at his lawn and noticed that it was about that time again. He needed to mow his lawn, but had no lawn mower.

*Knock knock*

"Hey Barton. Come on in!" Rick said.

"Hey Rick, how's it going? I need to mow my lawn. Can I borrow your lawn mower?"

Rick thought for a minute and apologetically said "I'm sorry Barton. I would lend it to you, but I can't"

"What? Why not?" Barton asked.

"Well, I think we're having fried chicken for dinner tonight."

"Excuse me?"

As the two were talking Rick's wife walks into the room. Rick looked at his sweet wife and said "We're having fried chicken for dinner tonight, right?"

"Yes." His wife replied.

"Ya see Barton, we're having fried chicken so I can't be lending out my lawn mower."

Barton confused and a little frustrated leaves Rick's house and goes home.

Rick's sweet wife looks at him and asks "What was that all about?"

He turned and said "I just didn't WANT to let him use the lawn mower, so I figured one excuse is as good as the next."

Moral of the story: You can come up with a million excuses. To try to justify why you're not doing something or going to do something, but it's just a bunch of "fried chicken" if you really want to do something you will find the way.

This is based off of a true story our ward mission leader told us. So now when someone makes up an excuse we call it fried chicken.

Sou dicípulo de Jesus Cristo

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