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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Transfers, Red Sauce, Guided by the Spirit

Transfer calls came late last night....they're sending me up to Weed where there have NEVER been sister missionaries before and I'm training. Opening an area and training...I am scared out of my mind! April Fools! Hahaha I bet I got mommy worried there. Me and Sister Soliai are staying here in Loomis! And I am sooooo glad! I love this place! And things are finally starting to get busy! I was going to be very sad if I got transferred.

So last Monday we had dinner with the Rs whose son just got back from serving in Brazil. After dinner I practice contacted him in Portuguese which was super fun and gav me confidence that I can indeed still speak the language!

Wednesday we went and cooked dinner for G and his grandson, A. I made them mommy's red sauce and the Sts (our ward mission leader and wife) came too. It was SUPER fun! G loves teasing me, probably for the same reason everyone loves teasing me, because I give a pretty good reaction, it was the first time we got A to stay out of his room for awhile and we invited him to take the lessons...and he said YES! A is 19. We committed him to read the intro to the Book of Mormon and when we came back two days later he actually read it!! And read it several times to try to actually understand it!!! It was incredible and I am so excited to continue teaching him. He has no religious background except what he's learned on South Park...so we're starting from scratch.

We committed him to pray for the first time Friday. Can't wait to see how that went.

Friday we had a super awesome experience. I remember when I went to a meeting with President Weston right before picking up Sis Soliai he gave us great counsel. He said that whenever we weren't sure what to do as senior companion we should stop, take a minute, and pray. Seems simple right? Well Friday we had the option of going to talk to Z at the park with his stoner friends or visit a struggling less active family. Both good options, and we didn't have time for both. I personally wanted to go talk to Z, But I said, let's pull over somewhere and pray.

We said a prayer and this thought came into my head "look at your goals". Okay...so I looked and we had already met our goals of lessons taught for the day, but we had made a goal of visiting two less active families and we had seen none. Well, the street we had pulled into to stop and pray was the street a less active named Gp lived on. We had visited several times and she was never home. I'd never met her, but we saw someone sitting outside her house....we decided to go talk to her and it was Gp! We had a good chat and made an appointment to come back. We finished and then quickly went over to the J's and taught them. We visited two less active families and met our goal. That would never had happened had we not stopped to pray! Prayer brings miracles. It works. It's real!

D&C 31: 11

Go your way whithersoever I will, and it shall be given you by the Comforter what you shall do and whither you shall go.

Saturday we went and did yard work with the Hs!! It was so fun!! Me and the little boy J had so much fun digging and pulling around wheelbarrows and racing. Haha. Then...ready for the highlight of the week....THEY CAME TO CHURCH THE NEXT DAY!!! I love them sooooo much!! I sat next to the three year old, J, I was trying my best to keep him quiet, but I'm not a mom with a diaper bag full of toys and snack, I'm a missionary with a diaper bag full of pamphlets and pass along cards! So I pulled out a pamphlet and starting showing him the pictures. He knew nothing about God or Jesus, so I started to teach him. Once he found out what Jesus looked like he would get this big smile on his face when I pulled up a new picture of Christ and say JESUS! His mom, E, sat next to him (she doesn't even know if she believes in God) and was beaming as she watched and heard me teaching J about Jesus. And she would lean over to her husband and tell him the cute comments J was making and the questions he was asking me. Oh! I also got to teach him about prayer. When the opening prayer was said, I said okay, they're about to say a prayer, close your eyes and be quiet. He did. The in the middle of the prayer he blurted out "mom! It's like when we go to bed at night!" So stankin' cute!! I love him to pieces. They really enjoyed Church and I cannot wait to go and see them again this next week!

Oh another miracle was talking to a guy named Br. He was out washing his car and we started talking to him about God and he expressed to us that he felt hollow. He knew he was lacking the spiritual aspect of life. He literally said he was "thirsting" to feel the Spirit in his life. So we set up an appointment to teach him and his wife at the Church on Friday! :)

And I'm gonna stop there. Loomis is really picking up and it's so exciting to actually be busy teaching! I've never been more exhausted or more happy in my life. This is the greatest calling in the world. I love ya'll and miss you. Be good. Remember who you are. And have a Happy Easter! Go to LDS.org and watch the new bible video. It's da bomb! Also the new Mormon message "the savior wants to forgive" is also incredible. Watch them both for some uplift net before Easter.

<3 Sister Byrne

Sou dicípulo de Jesus Cristo

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