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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Twisters, Twister and Addiction Recovery

What an awesome week!! Too many things to share like always, but here's a few things that were particularly awesome :)

So Thursday after dinner our phone starts blowing up - not literally but with texts and calls and voicemails- which is pretty unusual for us. Members, investigators, less actives. Everyone was trying to get a hold of us. Well...turns out there was a tornado warning and everyone was calling to make sure we were off the roads and safe somewhere. Now...being from Dallas I was like what in the world?! Why is this such a big deal?? There must be something really terrible coming our way!! So we went home and the Thomsons were sitting in front of the TV intently watching like this was some big deal. Well turns out tornado warnings don't happen very often here so the tiny storm with a few funnel clouds was big news in this small town. They're actually just wimps when it comes to tornados....Hahahaha! It was so nice to feel loved by everyone we teach though :) they didn't want us to get sucked up and blown away to Brasil or something ;)

Friday we went to the LPs for dinner. They were all sick, so we decided we'd cook dinner for them instead. So we cooked them mommy's famous red sauce and they LOVED it!! That simple recipe has really come in handy for me. T is doing great. He is so close to joining the Church. He knows it's true, we just can't figure out what's holding him back. But he's such a great example of a husband and father. I love him to pieces!

We went to G's this week and he was all dressed up like he was going to church. We asked what the occasion was and he said after our meeting he was going to go do home study.....home study? I was like what? Is he going to go meet with the JW's? Because he used to before. Then it clicked...he was going home teaching!! Hahahaha :) he loved it so much! He is excited to go again next month. Also, G helped bless the sacrament at Church this week!! I seriously love him soooo much! Every time I see him now he has a giant smile on his face.

T2 came to the addiction recovery program on Thursday and LOVED it! I don't know if I told y'all, but I went to one of those meetings in Provo for a project and I LOVED it! They do such a great job and the Spirit is strong in those meetings! T2 is making progress and it's so beautiful to watch.

Church this week was the BEST week of my mission so far. D and T2 came. Both of them are alcoholics, but have good hearts and love learning about the gospel. It was fast and testimony meeting, so members of the congregation can just go up and share what they know to be true and express gratitude to God. Well five minutes before the close of the meeting D leans over to me and says I've been sitting here the past ten minutes and I keep getting this feeling that I should go up there. I want to tell them the story about how I prayed and found my teeth. I encouraged him to go, but then he got nervous, so I said, alright, how about I go up there with you? So we both went up. I went first and then D, who smelled like smoke, was wearing a yellowed white shirt and black jeans and a trench coat, who understands very little about God and much less the gospel got up and bore his testimony about the power of prayer and how real prayer is. He testified with boldness that God answered his prayer and helped him find his teeth that had been missing for weeks. As he testified the Spirit flooded the room and his sincere testimony touched our hearts. Afterwards we sat down and he leaned over again and said that felt good.

T2 and D stayed for all three hours of Church and Bro S said on the way home they were so happy and ecstatic about Church. They couldn't wait till next week! :)

I love ya'll and miss ya'll. cannot wait for General Conference this weekend! We are so blessed to get to hear from apostles of The Lord and the prophet. I love them. They are absolutely inspired men and I know that they speak by he Spirit, and if we listen by the Spirit we will receive our own personal revelation and be uplifted.


Sister Byrne

Sou dicípulo de Jesus Cristo


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