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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sisters of Anarchy

Hey y'all.

I'm super happy I got to see you yesterday. Sorry William got a flat tire....what a bummer, but at least you were there :)

During comp study my companion told me about this talk she read called what matters most is what lasts longest. I fell in love with that phrase because it is so true. I'm a missionary, so I am blessed to not have to worry about school or money or relationship problems. All I worry about is the work of salvation, so it's easy for me to keep my priorities straight. But when we meet with and talk to so many good people of Loomis who are caught up in worldy things it bums me out that they don't understand this one little phrase. Our lives are not just limited to our earth life, it began before we came to earth and will continue when we die. Our spirits are what last the longest. Families are forever. They last the longest. Those are the things that matter most. Not our careers, not our social media, not our cool gadgets. Just some food for thought.

This week I realized that being a missionary is basically like being a super hero. 1. No one knows our true identity. When they find out our first names they act like some big mystery has been solved. Hahah. 2. We wear a costume. Our Proselyting clothes. It makes us stick out and if that doesn't gives us away our special symbol, a black rectangular tag, does. Our little red car is our changing station and sometimes we can change pretty quick into a t shirt and jeans to go do some service. 3. We don't get to save the whole world (Jesus Christ did that already), but we reach out one by one and help change a persons world by teaching them about the real super hero. 4. People think we are invincible and know everything. Wrong! 5. We too have evil villains who try to fight our beliefs and tear us down. But we know that we are disciples of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and can do anything.

Super excited for this upcoming week. We have lots of work to do! Love y'all. I miss you. Sorry I accidentally cried on Skype. But like I say I can't help it. I just love y'all too much.


Sister Byrne

Sou dicípulo de Jesus Cristo

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