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Monday, June 23, 2014

Helping A Struggling Missionary

Oi família! Tudo bem?

This week was a learning experience for me. So much happened and I wish I could express it all in this email but there's just no way.

We had zone meeting on Wednesday and Giani and I as sister training leaders had to teach about becoming faith filled finding missionaries. We talked about how prayer is directly connected to the work and how as our prayers become more full of faith and are more sincere we will become strengthened as missionaries and have the courage to do what is required of us.

After he meeting a sweet sister approached me and asked if she could talk to us privately. We knew this particular sister was struggling, but she hadn't talked to us about it yet. We met in a room and tears started streaming down her face. As she told us about her struggles Giani and I cried right along with her. I was praying so hard deep in my heart that we would know what to do or say to help this sweet sister. All I could think was, we need to say a prayer. I choked out a prayer and we started discussing the situation. She told us that all she could think about every minute of the day was running away. She wanted to go home so badly, but President was encouraging her to stay. She told us that if we let her walk out that door she was certain she'd run away before the weekend.

So we decided to go on an emergency exchange. Giani went with her and they were just going to relax and not do work for a couple days while me and her companion covered both areas. We talked to president and worked out an emergency transfer for that Friday (which so many things surrounding that transfer were miraculous) and just did our best to take care of both sisters who were struggling. After those two days all of us were just emotionally exhausted. I felt like I gave everything I had to these two sisters and it wore me out!

Through this experience I pondered and recognized that that's a glimpse of how the Savior must feel. His character was to always turn outward when most of us would turn in. I also learned that The Lord qualifies whom He calls. Let's be real y'all, I grew up a boy. All my friends are dudes. I'm not very good at handling girls and drama situations and now I'm thrown into all of them in the zone and have to try and resolve them. There's no way I could handle it without the Savior at my side helping me know how to take care of them. Its definitely been a humbling calling even after just 3 weeks.

Anyway, M is still on date for June 28th!! She is a roller coaster sometimes, but I love her so much and am so grateful I'm here to have met her. She has taught me so much about having better scripture studies and pointing everything in my life to The Lord. She is outstanding and has such great faith, she is making me a better disciple of Christ.

I got to talk to Sis Soliai on the phone. And Loomis doing great. D is 5 days sober! B and A came to church!!! And A2 is getting baptized! It's awesome to see the work taking off there.

Miracles are happening here too, but different kinds of miracles haha. We're talking to everyone and picking up investigators. We picked up a family this week that I'm super excited about.

I could go on and on, but y'all are probably getting bored. I love y'all and I miss you! I'm glad Didi had a good Father's Day, I can't express how much I missed y'all on Father's Day....so worth it though. Being a missionary is the greatest calling in the world!


Sister Byrne

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