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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pizza, Found Pigs, and the Power of Prayer (May 19)

A pig we found and took care of.
The pig is on the left.

So me and Sis Soliai decided that using a regular old computer would be a lot easier than always using our iPads to email, so our dear sweet Bishop let us come to his office and use the computers there :) We will see how it works.

SO MUCH happened this week, but as always, I'll just share the good stuff. So we now have 3 investigators on date for baptism. A, who is getting baptized THIS Saturday!! :) Super excited for him! D, the 19 year old red head, is set for June 7th. And THEN the other D, our friend set a date for July 14!! He has to work through some problems, so, pray for him.

Also, we had a LUAU! It was super fun. Sis Soliai did this crazy Tahitian dance in a grass skirt, and I wore a mumu grammy had. It was a huge hit and they are thinking of making it a new tradition in the ward. It was also incredibly convenient because I've been here for 6 months and next Sunday is transfer calls...so let's be real, I'm probably a goner... so I got to see everyone from the ward and take pictures :)

We also had Zone Conference this week, which just means a bunch of missionaries from this area meet with our mission president. And they always ask the missionaries who are going back home to get up and give what they call a "departure testimony". One of my favorite Elders is going home :( He has seriously been my hero and taught me so much.Anyway, the AP gets up and announce that he, Elder Johnson, and Sister Brian would all be sharing departure testimonies. Well...I didn't know who Sister Brian was, so I was just chilling. Then President Weston makes eye contact with me and motions me to go up on the stand...oh! by Sister Brian they mean Sister Byrne. But I was insanely confused. I thought, okay either President Weston is sending me home early and this is how he's telling me, he forgot that I had only been out 6 months and not 18 yet, or he got my visa and thought he'd surprise me...So Elder Herrera (my favorite) bares his testimony and of course I start to get emotional..then the other Elder, then I'm getting ready to go up and I stop and shake President's hand, and say "President, you know I'm not going home yet, right?" Then he just smiled and I went up. Well I bore my testimony on the power of prayer and miracles I've seen happen because of learning to say specific prayers.

I sat down and President gets up and with tears in his eyes starts talking about prayer, and basically uses the stories in my testimony to teach us that we need to pray more fervently and more specifically that he feels like there are families in our zone that we need to find and teach, and so we need to start praying specifically to find families to teach in our areas.

I know me recounting this story is not doing it justice, but it was an incredible experience. I still don't know what President was thinking when he called me up to bare (sic) my testimony, but I know it was inspired. It was also such a tender mercy for me. 1) I got to bare my testimony along side on of my mission heroes. 2) It was our last zone conference with President Weston because he is going home soon, so I got to share my testimony with him one last time. 3) I got to be an instrument for the Spirit to talk about exactly what the Lord wanted me to talk to about. I LOVE the Spirit and how real He is. I know that He leads and guides us if we are worthy for His companionship and are willing to listen and do what it prompts us to do.

We also had exchanges this week, so I went up to Auburn with Sis Lohman. It was SO fun! She is seriously such a bomb missionary and we are kind of like the same person. We may or may not have accidentally stayed up way too late talking. I hope I get to serve with her at some point. We had this awesome miracle happen. One of our appointments fell through and we didnt know what to do, so we went around the corner of the building and prayed that we'd find someone to teach. Then literally we walked back around the corner and someone was walking towards us. We looked at eachother then smiled and started talking to him, and pick him up as a new investigator. Prayer really WORKS people!

We are so excited because we have such a busy crazy awesome week ahead of us. We are literally going to be busy every single day this week. I'm pretty excited. :) Hopefully it all works out. Pray that it does please!

I love ya'll! Have a FANTASTIC week! Work hard. and know that Heavenly Father hears every single one of our prayers. I know without a doubt that He is listening, even when we feel like we're not getting an answer. He is looking out for us. Prayer is seriously like a super power. We can call down the powers of Heaven to be by our side at any time, any where. That's kinda a big deal.


Sister Byrne


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