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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

CPR and Visas | Dateline August 4

Sooo much happened this week! I wish I had enough time to tell y'all all my adventures. Let's just say a cat snuck into our apartment. We almost had to do CPR on a deaf guy. And there was lots of sister missionary drama! And we helped some sisters move...

Wednesday Sis Giani and I were sitting at our desks, minding our own business eating our lunch. The phone rings. Caller ID: President Marston. Sis Giani picks up they phone and it's actually Sis Marston asking for me. Oh no...

"Hello Sis Byrne, I have some news for you."

Me, "Is it good or bad news?"

"Both...your visa for Brasil came through. All the departing missionaries are going to the temple tomorrow morning, do you want to come?"


"Okay Congratulations we'll see you tomorrow!"

The phone call ended and I couldn't move. I didn't know how to feel or what to do, so my eyes just started crying. I couldn't tell if they were happy tears or sad tears or both.

Soooo I got to go to the temple this week! I LOVE THE TEMPLE! And Heavenly Father loves me because it was such a beautifully coordinated event. I walk in and who do I see? Grammy T's best friend D! And she was in the session with me!! She represented my Thomson family. Then I look to my right and Bro J from Tempo Park ward who I love with all my heart is sitting just a couple seats down from me! Then a few minutes pass and Steph and Jon A from Loomis show up! I love them to pieces too! President and Sister Marston were of course there and my zone leaders from both areas. It's like Heavenly Father planned for someone from each aspect of my time in he California Roseville Mission to be there. If that's not a tender mercy I don't know what is! It was beautiful and I kept feeling this comforting feeling that change is part of life and it always leads to something beautiful. I felt the Holy Ghost say to me "You've don't all you needed to do here in Cali. You did what I needed you to do. Now go find those that are ready for you in Brasil."

Friday was E and S's baptism. What a special day! Those girls are angels and I love them sooo much! They asked me to play the ukulele for them at the baptism, so I sang and played "How Can I Be". I was nervous out of my mind, and I wouldn't have done it in front of everyone if those two hadn't of asked me. I just love them too much.

Sunday was probably one of the best Sunday of my whole life! E and S were confirmed and bore their testimonies after! S went first and said "I am grateful that Heavenly Father saved his life for me. And I am so happy to be here. I feel like I'm a new me." Then E got up and said "I am So grateful that my mom brought Heavenly Father to my life. I am so overjoyed to be baptized."

M, a guy the elders baptized a couple weeks ago, passed the sacrament for the first time and he was so cute! He was so careful with the trays and had a huge smile on his face the ENTIRE time! As I sat in the pew all I could think about was this is what it's about. And I felt like the most blessed missionary in the world. My heart was just overflowing with happiness!!

Earlier in the week I came up with an idea. We had just got a new box of 40 Book of Mormons (sic) and I decided that we were going to hand out the whole box before I leave for Brasil in two weeks. I knew we would need help, so I thought to make it a ward effort! I told bishop about it and he said that when I got up to bear my testimony I could tell the ward about it from the pulpit! So I did. I told them it was my departing wish to hand out 40 Book of Mormons in 15 days. I testified of how the Book of Mormon changed my life and then sat down. I also told them that if they took one they were making a personal promise to me that they would actually give it to someone. By the end of church the box was EMPTY, all 40 copies gone. Looks like we need to get some more Book of Mormons!

What a great week! I love being a missionary. It's the greatest calling in the world! I've never been happier. I'm so grateful that I get to be out here. Have a great week!


Sister Byrne

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