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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Itanhaem is a brand new start. Miracles expected!

Oi boa tarde!

Tudo bem? I made it here alive! Thanks to a member the transfer went smoothly and I got on a bus for 3 hours and made it up here. Let me just testify of the Spirit at work though. A random dude on the bus helped me know when to get off. Now mind you, I was traveling by myself without a cell phone and I hadn't talked to Sis Reis and Vangkue (the sisters picking me up) all day AND I didn't have the address of the new place. I got off the bus and no one was there...so sat on the curb with my suitcases and duffle bag and waited...it started to get dark quickly and I was like...oh shoot...I am not about to just sit here in the dark....maybe I should start walking in the direction my ex roommate had told me the apartment was...but I felt at peace where I was...which was the Spirit telling me stay put. So I did, I was getting nervous so I pulled out my scriptures and started reading, and lo and behold as soon as I did the sisters showed up and led me to my new home :) #Godisgood #theSpiritisreal

My new companion is INCREDIBLE I LOVE her! We got to our new area, but the sisters before us literally left us with NOTHING..the area book is a disaster and so it's basically like we're opening up this area. The ward has some problems, but that's why we're here, right? The bishop is a SAINT! He fully supports and trusts us as missionaries. He will go along with WHATEVER we want. We're organizing a Christmas activity that I'm super excited about, but I know it's going to be a TON of work. But hopefully it'll be worth it. Presidente Cabral always tells us that we are the Lord's Plan B in every ward that we are in. If the ward needs a YW leader, it's us. If the ward needs a pianist, its us. If the ward needs a Quroum president, that's us too. We're here to make sure there is no apostasy and help things run smoothly. Sis Allred and I have a vision for our new ward and we're excited to share it with the members. Our focus is going to be reactivation, because there are a TON of people who are inactive. Like we have over 20 pages of names...and only 76 people were at Church yesterday. There's no point of baptizing if people aren't going to stay. So we're hoping to build up the ward and leave them strong. And I'm confident that working with the members is going to help us find new people to teach anyway.

We had our first presentation of our Christmas cantata. Everything went wrong before it started, but we managed to pull it off and all was well. We are going to be traveling a TON these next two months. and I'm not excited to be stuck in a bus for hours and hours every weekend, but hopefully our presentation will touch the hearts of many people, and if nothing less, it has already touched my heart and is helping me prepare to have a spiritual experience on christmas and not just eat a ton....

Oh, back to how much I LOVE my companion Sister Allred. She has the BIGGEST heart EVER and is the sweetest person ever. She testifies boldly and we teach so well together. The Spirit literally guides our lessons. I missed that with my other companion. Sister Allred gets that it's not about teaching a lesson, it's about teaching the person and that simple fact makes ALL the difference! This new area is HUGE so we walk more than I've ever walked in my life, but during our walks we have awesome conversations about the gospel and make contacts, and agh! Miracles are going to happen here left and right!

Anyway, I love ya'll. Thanks for the emails. Be good and remember who you are :)

Love you

Sister Byrne

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