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Monday, November 3, 2014

Movie Night and Esperistismo | 27 Oct

Olá! Tudo bem?

This week I hit my one year mark on my mission... I don´t really know what to think/say. It´s flown by incredibly fast. It´s already Novemeber, before you know it, it´ll be Christmas and I´ll be skyping with the fam, and then just 4 more months and I´ll be back home. I´m giving Heavenly Father all I´ve got because just being out here doing what I do everyday has blessed my life forever. There´s no way to describe it. I love these people. I love this work, and there is NOTHING I would rather be doing.

This week we had a special "Movie Night" at H's house. Have i already told ya'll how much I love him? Because i LOVE that man! We organized a movie night and brought over pop corn and explained that we wanted to invite some people over to watch "The Testaments", well he is the cutest thing ever and he set up the TV in the garage on a table with a TABLECLOTH, and he bought little white bags to put the popcorn in for everybody to have their own individual popcorn and he bought drinks and set up a sofa and a bench in the garage, all by himself. And we had a movie night :)

We brought an investigator with us and he invited his neighbors. It was awesome! Sunday he received the priesthood :) oh my little heart. oh and also he´s pretty much our only ward missionary. We had 4 investigators at Church on Sunday (one being his friend he brought with him) and he became bffs with the other man we brought and took him to all the classes and sat by him and even walked with him home after the meeting. Adorable? or Adorable? Later when we stopped by his house he was trying to convince his brothers to go to church next week, they were complaining that it was too long, but H said, no it's not, I feel like its not long enough! I just wish I could stay there all day! He is so wonderful! The Gospel truly changed him.

Oh, also, Bishop called me Saturday night to give a talk Sunday. I was super nervous because I still struggle with the language, not as bad as I used to, but it´s still a struggle. But Heavenly Father is so smart and so loving, and I had no problem Sunday at the pulpit trying to get out the words I wanted to get out. The Spirit is absolutely real and helps us do what the Lord needs to get done.

I don´t have much else to say, my new companion loves to cook, so we cooked lunch today. Fried chicken and home made french fries. mmmmm :)

We have a lesson tonight that I´m super excited about, It´s this lady named S, she used to be into Spirits (Espiritísmo) and stuff like that, but she is just eating up the gospel. She went to Church on Sunday and loved it! She´ll definitely be baptized soon! :)

Life is good. I love being here. I love every second of it. We´ve been studying the Living Christ and part of my Christmas Present to the Savior is to memorize it before Christmas. It´s been helping me get to know Him better.

Oh! Also, I´ve been thinking...and here I am all day everyday out here in Brasil preaching and teaching about Christ. Preaching about His gospel and testifying to everyone I meet about the divinity of who He is. I´m out here all day everyday preaching that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. That little blue book has helped me come closer to Christ and learn of his teachings, so I have a challenge for all of ya´ll. I have six months left. 180 days (give or take) and my challenge to you is to read the entire Book of Mormon before I get home in April. 6 months is plenty of time. And I´ll be doing the same thing here, but in Português, which slows me down. Read 3 pages/day and I think that´ll be enough to finish before I get home. What do you think? Challenge accepted?

I love ya´ll. I miss ya´ll. Keep on keeping on. Keep the main thing the main thing. Have a GREAT week!

Sister Byrne


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