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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tapioca Man, Fishermen and African Companion | Oct 20

There is no way I have time to tell ya´ll all the stories that happened this week, but let´s just say Heavenly Father helped me fake it until I made it. I started this week with a new companion. I thought this week would be terrible and we would get lost and spend our whole day just looking for investigators´homes. I prayed A LOT all day, alright Heavenly Father, I THINK this is how we get there, if it´s wrong, just let me know. I´d start to walk and if it was wrong, I knew within 30- seconds of walking, if it was right, I felt nothing and just kept going. Now, ya´ll know how TERRIBLE i am with directions. How many times have I called you pops in a moment of being lost?

Now imagine, me in a foreign country, in a concrete jungle of the city Santa Rosa, trying to navigate...yeah...if it´s not a miracle that we didn´t get lost...I don´t know what is. Heavenly Father hears EVERY silent prayer.

We did a blitz in every area of our zone, where all the missionaries attacked an area for a day to find new investigators, well this week everyone came here...and lo and behold, miracles happened left and right! Some elders found a group of 4 fisherman who live together. When we went back to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ, two were firm and they wanted to learn more, they came to church the following day, and unfortunately, our lunch fell through, so the member just gave us money...but we weren´t about to buy anything on Sunday...BUT the fishermen invited us over to eat with them! It was so CUTE! They cooked fish and rice for us, and set up a little table with a table cloth and everything outside the house (we weren´t about to go into a house of just men despite how nice they were). They had everything set up for us by the time we got there and they even tried to go buy dessert...but the Lord is so smart and the market happened to be closed that day :) #keepingtheSabbathdayholy!

Anyway, we knew they were leaving for a month to go fishing, so we put together little presents that consisted of all the pamphlets for the lessons. We brought them with us to lunch and they were SO EXCITED to read them. like super excited, and unfortunately there is a lack of supplies here in Brasil(sic), so we only had one book of Mormon and we told them they had to share on the boat. and they were like, hey, we can read it together at night before we go to bed. #elect and they want to get baptized when they come back.

H, who got baptized, lives with 6 of his brothers...who have started taking the lessons, or rather, they drop everything they are doing and always come and listen. They are very timid and wouldn´t participate or answer questions, but things have changed and they have started participating! :) R and J prayed about getting baptized and they both got an answer of YES! BUT J has a "wife" and family in Baia, only they´re not actually married, and he only visits every 6 months...so we can´t baptize him until he marries his wife...so sad! but R is going to be baptized this Sunday :) and hopefully H is going to baptize him! :)

Life is good. God is great! The plan of salvation is perfect. I love ya´ll have a great week!

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