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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New couples to teach, fixing shoes, stores in Itanhaém

Well, just another week here in the grand city of Itanhaém. It's soooo hot here. Like, even in all my years of lifeguarding at TCAP I have never been so hot and sweaty in my entire life. Our area is incredibly large and we are incredibly poor, so we walk all over creation. but don´t worry mama, I put on sun block (spf 50) AND use an umbrella...yup, it´s gotten to the point of using an umbrella to block the sun. I feel so ridiculous, but I am weak and cannot endure this scorching sun without my umbrella...
so we have been searching for investigators. The difference with the work here is that just about anybody is willing to accept you into their home and let you teach them, but when it comes to them having to do something of effort, like pray or read....it's another story. So we have to separate the wheat from the tares and figure out who actually has a broken heart and contrite spirit and who doesn't. unfortunately most of the people we talk to don't...
BUT we found 2 new couples that I'm extra excited to teach.
1) C & D. they are Jehovah Witnesses. super faithful, they even gave us some of their literature and when we stopped by to teach them, he apologized that he had to leave to have a "study" with one of his investigators....kinda weird, but imagine him as a faithful Latter-Day Saint. Best home teacher ever? I think so. He seems sincerely curious, so hopefully we can teach them in a way that the Spirit is there and helps them realize the truthfulness of our message.
2) N & S. they were a miracle find. we were looking for a different Nelson who was a referral from the Elders. Nelson the pharmacist, well the address we were given didn't exist, and no one had heard of him, but they knew of a Nelson the construction worker. Tired and sweaty and just wanting to teach a lesson we went to talk to him. We asked if he knew the other Nelson...he didn't, but then he looked at us and asked if we wanted to come inside. I just looked at him desperately and shook my head up and down. We went in and started talking. Simone had recently lost her brother (I cannot even imagine that, Giancarlo, William, you´re not allowed to die first okay?) so we taught the Plan of Salvation and they LOVED it. They're Catholic, but they both were like we agree with everything that ya'll taught. Nelson said the closing prayer and he was so cute, he said "God, if it be thy will, let these three wonderful people come back many times to share more with us".....I'm pretty confident that IS God's will :) They're going out of town this week, but will be back this weekend, and I´m excited to go back.
That's one of the issues with this area is it's beaches and so it gets FULL of people, mostly from São Paulo and the people who live here have to stay at work extra long and don't get their normal days off because they have to take care of all these people here. # beachlifeproblems

Little M
M, A, and little M
A is doing well. she's supposed to have her baby here in 2 weeks. I am so excited!! I pray every night that M will soften his heart and want to get married so she can get baptized because I LOVE that family, more than a lot. Seriously, I don't think I've ever loved a little girl as much as I love little M. She is 2 and perfect and I want a girl just like her some day. and A is Incredible!! She arranged for us to go teach her dad, she had her mom wait for us at the super market near their street to show us where the house was. #membermissionary Her dad is elect as well, but he too has to get married, only he's technically still married to someone he married when he was 19 and never divorced....she lives in Macéo... which is far away and it's going to be complicated to resolve, but he will be a great leader in the ward if we can help him get baptized.
Oh, also, we helped someone paint their house. it was super fun. :)
ummm.....there's probably more things, but I'll stick to that for now. oh wait! I want to share one of A's prayers. She is seriously so cute. she was praying and said " Heavenly Father, please help these girls to have the strength to walk and share this message with.....well let´s just say all of Itanhaém because there's only 3 of them, and all of Brasil would be a lot for just them." SO CUTE!
I love ya'll. Have a great week. Keep the faith. I know sometimes it's hard, but “When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives.”
I love ya'll more than a lot. Please keep praying for me. I need it.
Sister Byrne


 this is how the local businesses work here. there´s a doorbell...and well,  you push the doorbelll which rings in the house of the person in the apartment complex behind the kiosk and they come out to attend you.then they ask you what you want, go get it from the freezer in their house and bring it to you. soo good :)

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