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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adventures as a traveling training leader

Okay, so I WISH I had more time to write ya'll because so many miracles happened this week, but you'll probably be more interested in the update as to my calling as a missionary.

So....I have been called as a Sister Training Leader along with my AMAZING companion who I love to pieces, Sister Arthur....I already had the privilige to serve as an STL in Cali...only this time....we are the only sister training leaders in the entire mission...oh yeah also we no longer have an assigned area....or investigators....or anything that normal missionaries have....we will be touring the entire mission this month doing splits with ALL the 42 sisters in the misison. And we are living out of our suitcases and will not be returning to home base in Bertioga until March....yeah

So we spent 7 hours on a bus today getting to Registro to do divisions with the sisters here tomorrow. And Presidente Cabral has given us the special assignment of evaluating how the sisters teach. The baptisms in our mission have been slowing down and he's worried that it's because the missionaries are not good gospel teachers, so we have to evaluate all the sisters and their ability to teach.

I have NO CLUE why God has called me to have this position for the next month. He's probably just trying to stretch me a little more before I go home to help me reach my potential, right?

Anyway, this month is going to be exhausting mentally, physically, and emotionally for me. I kinda feel like I'm looking at a giant mountain knowing that I'm going to have to climb it. But when I look at the top I think...well shoot, there is no way i can get there, so I use one of the anti-stress techniques I've learned as a missionary and i just keep saying to myself "All I have to do right now is_________" Just keep praying for me. :)

We found 2 amazing families on Saturday in Bertioga, one of which came to Church, oh how my heart loves them! D and M. They are very humble and ready for the gospel. D is illiterate and M reads very poorly but she read everything to D. So cute. In the lesson we had, after teaching that they could pray to ask God if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, he and his sweet wife and we kneeled down in the tiny living room/kitchen and D said the first prayer of his life, It was humble and definitely not a traditional prayer. He kept his eyes open and was unsure what to say, but he prayed with a sincere heart, and God answered his prayer with us right there in the living room with him. When we opened our eyes he had a light shining from his and he said that he felt "muito feliz". He told his son to get a pen and mark the 14th of Feburary on the calender for his baptism. M is less excited then D, but she too is a sweetheart and ready to follow the example of her husband. We passed them off to the other sisters in Bertioga, and i hope to get pictures from them of their baptism soon! :D

Anyway, no time, I gotta run. But I love ya'll. Keep studying the scriptures, keep praying, and know that I LOVE the Lord. I love Him. And I feel very humbled that He trusts me with this new assignment.


Sister Byrne

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